$500 Dollar Reward if you use an Agent we Refer Or You Send us your Agent!

Not Only Do We Not Charge More For This. We Will Reward You to Use It !

ThreeDScan is a professional Digital Image Company founded by a Real Estate Broker who saw the need for Agents to always be increasing the quality of  advertising presentations.   Not all Agents will use the tools and advertising campaigns that we provide.   Less that 5% of Listings use 3D Tours and less than 10% use video.    It would be our pleasure to refer you to an agent that uses all of these tools.    By filling out the contact form you are giving us permission to share your information with an Agent.    If you enter into a listing contract with that Agent and close on the transaction, we will gift to you $500.00.  **  More Details at the bottom.


This property just happens to be a For Sale By Owner that was done is Yuma Arizona!    We will also help For Sale By Owners!


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*The Details

Building a business is an expensive proposition!  Video, Matterport and social media campaigns are labor and equipment intensive.  Advertising, coupons and giveaways are the best tools to grow.    In an effort to build the “digital arts” business we will give any homeowner a $500.00 reward, for referring their agent to us or using an agent we suggest.  This payment will be made to the homeowner after the close of escrow if they use an agent we select,  or if they select the agent, payment will be made after their agent pays for the service.

If a homeowner refers their agent to us, to receive the reward,  this must take place before we price our services, so not to interfere with any other promotions we have offered to agents.   An eligibility certificate will be sent to you, so you may present it to your agent, you are considering contracting with.  This condition will be strictly enforced.

This offer applies to all packages that include, Matterport Scans, Video, Still Images, and custom – address specific websites.  Prices for services can and will vary based upon property type, size and location.  ThreeDScan reserves the right to change any terms and conditions at any time.

We hold a Ca. Department of Real Estate Brokers licence and in some cases fees for services can be paid for by referral fee, amount determined by the Agents, paid at the close of escrow.

CA. DRE.# 01229951